# Upgrading from Vuexfire v2.x to v3.0

The v2 of Vuexfire removed support of the RTDB and added Firestore support instead. In v3, you can use both. Because of that there were some breaking changes during alpha releases and some of the names of the exports have changed.

If you partially followed, the best place to check for the few breaking changes is the changelog (opens new window)

If you didn't follow during the alpha releases, no worries, you can easily catch up and use the latest version of Vuexfire. Follow ahead!

# Renamed imports

To reflect better that mutations are the same for both RTDB and Firestore, they have been renamed to vuexfireMutations:

import Vuex from 'vuex'
- import { firebaseMutations } from 'vuexfire'
+ import { vuexfireMutations } from 'vuexfire'

const store = new Vuex.Store({
  mutations: {
    // your mutations
-     ...firebaseMutations
+     ...vuexfireMutations

If you were using Firestore, you will also have to rename firebaseAction and the injected functions bindFirebaseRef/unbindFirebaseRef! But because we support both RTDB and Firestore, there is now firebaseAction and firestoreAction.

If you were using the RTDB then you don't need to change rename the firebaseAction. Otherwise, you will have to rename it to firestoreAction:

- import { firebaseAction } from 'vuexfire'
+ import { firestoreAction } from 'vuexfire'

- const setTodosRef = firebaseAction(({ bindFirebaseRef, unbindFirebaseRef }) => {
+ const setTodosRef = firestoreAction(({ bindFirestoreRef, unbindFirestoreRef }) => {
  // this will unbind any previously bound ref to 'todos'
-   bindFirebaseRef('todos', db.collection('todos'))
+   bindFirestoreRef('todos', db.collection('todos'))
  // you can unbind any ref easily
-   unbindFirebaseRef('user')
+   unbindFirestoreRef('user')

🎉 That's it! Your app should be running again! If you found things missing in this small guide, feel free to open an Issue or a Pull Request on Github (opens new window)

You should checkout the guide, there are a few code snippets that may come in handy! You can also use the RTDB alongside Firestore now.